Evelyne de Mascarel

Coach professionnelle

The Etiquette of Living Together is more than ever at the centre of our communities, organisations and family issues.




A history and winemaking graduate, founder and director of an events company then owner-
operator of a vineyard and chateau, Evelyne built her career around positive relationships, artistic
endevours and, in a general sense, the French Art of Living.

​Convinced by the need to help understand and enforce the right customs in order to live well in
society and to improve everybody’s wellbeing, whether in an organisation, in a community or in a
family setting, she decided to start sharing her knowledge and her experience.

Evelyne de Mascarel teaches elegance and good manners at Tunon School, to foreigners, to private
and professional individuals.
She is also a partner of Mairie de Tours , the tourism office of Tours and Tours Cité de la

In 2017 she founded her company to promote the French Art of Living.